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Wellness Coaching

a very powerful way of helping you become a better version of yourself!

Meet Gloria

Certified Health & Life Coach

I help women over 40 who have difficulties losing weight because of emotional eating.

I make them become aware of the emotions that trigger their eating and how they should handle them in a healthy way.

As a wellness coach, I take into consideration how you are doing in all the aspects of wellbeing which includes: emotional, financial, occupational, social, physical & spiritual.


What I Specialize In

Shift Emotional to Mindful Eating

Establish Good

Eating Habits

(Weight Management)

Adopt a

Healthy Lifestyle

(Stress Management)

Set Health & Wellness Goals


Create a Personalized

Self Care Plan

Connect the dots between who you are and...

who you want to be.

"For almost 20 years, I have struggled with overweight problems.

I tried everything to lose weight, but nothing helped until I met Gloria. She showed me a new lifestyle

and I love it. For sure, this is my new lifestyle."

- Maria Ruiz

"Here I go one more time with a big shoutout to the best life coach, Gloria Sopo Cabrera.
I'm so glad to have her in my life teaching me new habits on eating! Same shirt, smaller size!"

- Citlalli Melendez

"I am so grateful that I met Gloria.

She is a fantastic coach who can hold the space for you and allow you to grow into the best version of yourself in a kind and transformative way.

I can't recommend her highly enough."

- Monika Mateja

How I Can Help You

Book Now

Take my FREE

Eating Assessment

If we change our eating habits, we can improve our relationship with food.

Most of the time, we don't do it right properly.

Take this free eating assessment.

The results will give you information to help you become aware of certain areas of your eating habits that may need some change!

You can only change what you are aware of!

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