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Promos & Freebies

FREE 1-hour Consultation

(via phone, Zoom or in person)

In the call, we will be talking about...


  • Defining your main goal

  • What you would like to focus on

  • The different alternatives based on your goals

  • Deciding if any of the programs are good for you

  • Defining my responsibilities as your coach and yours as my client

  • Questions about coaching and wellness programs

FREE Eating Assessment

If we change our eating habits, we can improve our relationship with food.


Most of the time, we don't do it right properly.

Take this free eating assessment.

The results will give you information to help you become aware of certain areas of your eating habits that may need some change!

You can only change what you are aware of!

FREE Podcast Series

Be ready to listen to my journey of self discovery and my emotional eating struggles.

I will share with you how years of hiding your emotions can affect you mentally and physically.

I will show you how coaching helped me through the process of finding my voice, embracing my feelings and letting go of old beliefs and habits.

Believe me, if I was able to do it, YOU CAN DO IT TOO.

You will also hear other women who are finally feeling happiness and success because they let go of the fear that was keeping them stuck from becoming their best self.

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